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Back to University: Hire a Van to End Your Summer

There are so many things to think about when you are returning to Birmingham University, especially when this year sees you moving into a house for the first time rather than the protected world of halls of residence. Being a savvy student, you and your friends have found that unfurnished houses cost considerably less than those that are furnished: there are things that you need to take with you, and those things that you don’t need out of necessity, but rather luxury.

As your pile of things to take back grows and grows, you need to think how to transport them back to Birmingham university. You are more than likely going to need to hire a Birmingham van to avoid multiple trips up and down the motorway. Here are some top tips to help you with your move.


How do you tackle the list of things that you need? The best way is to list them regarding the rooms that they will be going in. For example, your list for your bedroom will include bed, wardrobe, desk, lamp and chair; duvet, duvet covers and pillow. Make a list while you are in your room at home so that you can look round and see exactly what you currently have and need. By making lists by room, you are less likely to miss anything off, and it will help you pack the items in the relevant room box.


Your first thoughts of bin liners to transport your belongings in, need to remain as thoughts. Bin liners rip all too easy, and even if you buy top quality ones, the things you put in there will crease and tear the bags. You need boxes. Make sure that your ironed clothes are folded and put in boxes carefully to avoid the need for them to be ironed once you unpack them. Separate the folded items of clothing with tissue paper to help with this.

Be careful not to overload the boxes – you need to be able to pick them up and carry them upstairs safely without doing long term damage to your back. Pack light items in large boxes, and heavy ones in smaller boxes, so that you can avoid pain!

Use a strong tape to seal and provided extra support to the bottom of the box – you don’t want to leave a trail of belongings as you move it. Remember to label what is in each box, not a complete list, just a generic label such as kitchen or bedroom. This way you will be able to unload the van and get your belongings into the room they need to go into straight away.

The van

You need to strategically place things in the van to ensure that they survive transit. You need to arrange the furniture in the van to maximise the space while minimising any risk of damage. The Van Hire Birmingham team will provide advice on the best loading techniques, just ask our team today! Without annoying your neighbours too much, it is a good idea to get all the larger pieces of furniture out on the street before you start loading. This way you can see exactly what you have to fit in, and which are the heaviest pieces to be placed in the van first. Place longer items such as wardrobes or sofas along the longest wall of the van, and secure if possible. You can then add your boxes.

Top Tip

Take out drawers in desks or chests to transport into the van, refit them once in the van, and secure them with tape. If you need to unscrew furniture such as bed posts, keep all the screws and hardware and put in a plastic bag and tape to the frame so that they are kept together.

If you plan on heading back to university & are looking for high-quality van hire Birmingham service, contact the team today.