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Empire Go Green

At Empire Van Hire we have adopted a fresh approach to vehicle hire that aims to offset your carbon footprint, whilst providing convenient and affordable Van hire for all of the businesses we work with.

We are one of a few companies across the country to adopt this approach and aim to continue being one of the most  environmentally friendly  van rental company that specialises in low-emission vehicles. Our objective is quite simple,  to ensure a high level of service which remains affordable to the customer without damaging the earth with our vehicles.  Together we can stamp out our own carbon footprints


Why go GREEN?

Going Green not only has benefits to the earth it helps save you money to.  By ensuring all of our vehicles are up to date and modern with low emissions you will be achieving  more mileage on your tank of fuel

What is the Carbon Foot Print?

the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community

Can it Affect my Business?

By measuring and offsetting your business carbon footprint, you will be making real and measurable positive change.  Your actions to reduce your carbon footprint will directly contribute to the world’s transition to an efficient and clean energy future.


The benefits of taking action to reduce your carbon footprint today

  •  Creating a long term value for your business
  • Have a competitive edge over other businesses by demonstrating your commitment to the world we live in
  •  increase customer loyalty
  • prepare your business for a regulated carbon future
  • Communicate and promote your positive climate change action to your staff and customers


Contact us today for all of your vehicle hire inquires and ensure that you do your bit to help our planet.  Call us on 02476682230 and ask to speak with our commercial team