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Hiring a vehicle

What’s changed

On 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving license was abolished. The counterpart contained information such as any penalty points you have. Similarly, old-style paper licenses, issued until 1998, are still valid but they won’t be updated with penalty points. Instead, you can now view all your up-to-date driving license information using DVLA’s View Driving License service.

These changes do not affect licenses issued by DVA in Northern Ireland.

When hiring a vehicle

When collecting a vehicle from a hire company many only ask to see your photocard license or your pre-1998 paper license – but some also want to check whether you have any penalty points. They may ask for a code so that they can check your license online or for a printout of your license details.

What’s needed varies from company to company and between locations, so it is essential that you check with your hire company before you travel.