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Moving House Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

It says something when ‘moving to a new house’ is considered to be third on the list of most stressful life events after divorce and bereavement. How can this be? Seeing it in black and white almost makes it seem like a farce in comparison with the preceding life events in the list, and not even on the same scale.

However, if you look at the definition of stress though, you can see why: stress is a condition or experience of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. In other words, stress occurs when you feel like you have no control. Yes, moving to a new house ticks that box.

The reasons for moving to a new house are varied, and usually involves more than just a change of address. Whether it’s the birth of a new addition to your growing family, a bereavement, a divorce or relocating for a new job, something has changed to prompt you to move; it is these additional causes of pressure that increase feelings of stress.

If you’ve got as far as having a moving date, you will more than likely have come up against other challenges in the journey to completion: mortgage applications, finding the deposit for your new house, legal queries and late-night discussions about which area to move to. So it makes sense to take control of the things that you can.

This article focuses on providing van hire Birmingham advice to local residents.

The month before you are due to move house, go through your house room by room. There will be things that you can get rid of – things that you don’t use anymore or that are broken. Make two piles: one to sell, and one to throw. You will be amazed at how much clutter is in your home, and if you can make some money during the process of de-cluttering, all the better. If you do it room by room, you will make sure that you complete the process more thoroughly – you do not want to do a half-hearted job, this is your opportunity to start fresh in your new home. You do not need to spend time and energy moving your junk from home to home.

Once you have de-cluttered, you are in a far better position to move – both physically and mentally. You can take further control further and lessen that moving stress by employing professional movers such as Empire’s Van Hire Birmingham. As a client, you are provided with a moving service that is bespoke to your needs, and arms you with the information that you need to make moving home a stress-free experience; because Empire can pack your belongings for you, you can concentrate your efforts where they are needed. Our expertise can take the strain of your moving to a new house, and any queries you may have can be answered, and any concerns alleviated. You don’t have to worry about the smaller details, we will take care of that for you, and you will find that your move goes smoothly, and most importantly, to plan.

We can help make the process of moving house less stressful, choose a van hire Birmingham company with a proven track record and call Empire Van Hire Birmingham today.