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Things To Consider When Moving Home Or Office

Moving to a new home or office can feel like a daunting task, and is one that must be executed with military precision if it is to be deemed a success. Now that you have found a property to relocate to, the fun really starts. Here are the who, what, when and where of moving home or office.


Who is going to help you move? You have various options available to you, and they depend on the size of the move. If you are moving into your first home, the chances are high that you could hire a van in Birmingham, and ask friends to help you move. If you are moving between family homes or arranging the relocation of your office and you have a dozen employees, the logistics are rather different, and you will need to employ professionals to help you move. Contact Empire Birmingham Van Hire to help you decide on what you need to help you move.


What are you moving to? Is it a larger space, or perhaps you are downsizing? You need to think about this, as it affects your next course of action. You will need to think about what you are going to do with the furniture that you currently own, and whether it will fit in your new location. You do not want to be in the position whereby you have moved furniture between locations only to find that there is nowhere for it to be stored.


When do you need to move by? As soon as you have a date, you need to get the wheels in motion to book either transport to lease or a date for the movers to come and help you. Sometimes the most glaringly obvious things are easily missed, but you need to make sure that what you want is available for when you want it.


Where is everything going to go? You need to plan ahead for where things are going to go. You will take a lot of stress out of moving house or office if you have a clear floor plan of where the removal specialists need to put your belongings. This is especially relevant for office moves that involve the transportation of bulky and heavy office furniture: having a floor plan will make the process smooth. You need to have already surveyed the new property for your IT and communication needs so that desks can be ideally situated for ease of access to power points, data points, cabling and telephones. Colour coding all furniture, boxes, crates and equipment is one way to ensure that everything goes in the right place, and make sure that the removal team have a copy of the floor plan, and what the colours refer to.

Remember– make notes or take pictures of any final meter readings that your current providers of electricity, gas and water will need to know to provide you with your final bill. Use your move as an opportunity to revisit utility providers. You will be able to take advantage of new deals on your property.

So if its time to make a change & move offices contact the Empire Van Hire Birmingham team today for high quality & reliable services.