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What size van do i need to move office?

Nowadays, small business owners often start out working from home. This makes sound sense. Chances are you will be working independently, so won’t need space to accommodate employees, and you will be able to work comfortably from home at a much cheaper cost than running an office space. However, at some point, as you experience increasing success and more demand, you’ll find yourself having to upgrade to a bigger space where you can take on workers and establish a more professional presence for your brand. As you expand further, you may find yourself having to upgrade your office space in line with your expansion. This is exciting! But it can also be stressful. The good news is that as long as you are prepared, your office move can go smoothly and implement minimal hassle or disruption into your routine. One way to streamline the process of Moving Office is to try out van hire!

Why Van Hire?

Van hire is preferable to trying to move your office with your own vehicle, as office equipment is often large and bulky and often won’t fit in a standard car. Chances are you’ll have desks, kitchen appliances to get from A to B. A van will comfortably fit these belongings inside. Van hire is also ideal for Moving Office, as it’s cheaper than using a full removal service, as you take control and work into your own hands!

What Size Van Will I Need?

Asking what size van you need is the equivalent of asking how long a piece of string is. The answer will fall entirely down to your personal needs and preferences. If you are moving from a home office and only have a few belongings to get from A to B, you will only need a smaller van. Chances are you’ll have your new furniture and other belongings delivered straight to your new business address. However, if you’re upgrading from one office to another, you’re more likely to need a larger van that can accommodate larger furniture and appliances, or more items.

Figuring Out the Correct Van Size

The best way to figure out the best van size is to consult the company you’re hiring from. Empire Van Hire will be able to recommend the right vehicle to suit all of your needs. This will lift a weight from your shoulders, as you can rest assured they have the experience in this area to let you know exactly what type of van you should invest in!

There are so many things to bear in mind when it comes to Moving Office. But one area you can make life a lot simpler for yourself is the actual move of items from one space to another. Reliable van hire will ensure everything is shifted without being damaged and while you can maintain full control over the belongings you’re transporting! Perfect!